End of the season in the NLB

The last game of the season, the Lions are in Wil and play against the Pirates. The Lions arrived with a little delay. Everything had to go a little faster than usual. Caution was required because the number of Lions players was kept to a minimum. The plan was to have 10 players on the field, however, 9 of them made it. Ramon was still had to come. The Lions did the infield outfield drills highly motivated when all of a sudden Alejandro injured his knee. Exactly what shouldn't happen. They quickly tried to reach Ramon, who was supposed to be on the way. After several attempts, the bad news came that Ramon could not come because of an accident. The question was, do we get a player from the pirates or do we go home. It wasn't long before the pirates gave us a player, so it was «Play ball! ». It was a very balanced game. The Lions with an excellent defense, Markus with very good plays as shortstop and Mario fabulous on the mound. In the end it got a bit tight, Mario's efficiency was going down, but Mario held on. Unforgettable was the strong home run by Hanel that gave us the lead.

In the second game the question was who should be the pitcher. It didn't take long to think about it and Hanel decided on James, James started a bit weak, but we didn't mind much, because the Lions had hit well and made a few runs right from the start. On the defensive, after several walks, pitcher James is substituted and coach Hanel brings himself into play as a pitcher. Then the highlight of the game: Kaito catches the ball with a double steal directly at 2nd base, touches the base and throws a rocket to Benji at one. With 2 runners and 0 outs, the triple play was made and the Lions run towards the dug-out praising Kaito.

The fourth inning can be forgotten. The momentum of the last inning cannot put the Lions on the offensive any further and cannot score. After more walks and many errors it doesn't look good, the Pirates get 9 points. It went from 11: 6 for the Lions to 15:11 for the Pirates. In the last inning there is a small glimmer of hope, after a hit and an error a point can be earned, but that's it. The Lions lose the game 16:12.