Hot summer day in Zurich

Lions vs Challengers:

On a scalding hot day, the Lions came together again to let the shame against the barracudas be forgotten. Coach Raffi sat himself on the mound right from the start. Atypical for the Lions, however, the game was played with a DH. Nelson Stevens who represented many Lions players with his 0 batting average (before the start of the game) was set up as DH. In the first inning, the Lions started their attack. One walk, one hit and the Lions are on the scoreboard. Unfortunately, the Challengers were not impressed and equalized in the first inning. After four games and one inning, the Lions Offensive has finally agreed to show what it can do. Hit after hit after hit was the motto. In addition, the signs that were used more actively in this game were almost all executed perfectly. To name a few of the many highlights: Michi with a steal upsets the pitcher and can score a point from second base. Nelson, recognizes the hit and run sign and takes the runners and himself a few bases further. Andy, Hanel, Michi and Markus all have several hits in one game. Now for the Lions Defense events. In contrast to the last game day where the motto regarding errors is: "Who wants to do it again, who hasn't yet!". The Lions didn't make a single error in the first game, so there's not much to say about it. Raffi was able to pitch an entire game. The end result is 14 Hits 0 Errors Lions 11 Challengers 3

Game 2:

The second game was started with Mario on the mound. What surprised many, as Nelson was able to convince with a good performance against the Barracudas and Mario was not very convincing. But Mario did not miss this second chance. He also benefited from the Lions defensive which has not yet made an error. The Lions start the game almost on the offensive like the first game. Hit, Hit and the Lions led by one point. However, the Lions offensive stalled a little after the first inning and the game remained 1-0 into the third inning. In the third inning, however, the Challengers were able to book three successive hits after two strikeouts and the score was 1: 1.

The fourth tragic inning. However, the Lions did not manage to score with two hits. On the defensive, however, the Challengers managed to score four points with three errors in one inning and the score was 5: 1. The Lions tried to catch up in the next inning but only managed one point. On the defensive, the point gap could be kept. The sixth inning flew by and the Lions entered the final inning 5-2 behind. Two quick outs and all hope seemed lost. Hanel came to Base through a walk and then the spectacle started. Mario was able to get on base with one hit. Michi, who had been collecting hits all day, slammed the ball to the other end of the field. Even Mario managed it from 1 to points. So the score was 5: 4. At the plate Nelson. He seemed like he was aiming to get the ball up into the air as high as possible. But he succeeded so skillfully that the ball landed on the right foul line and no player had the opportunity to catch the ball. Michi equalized and the Lions were back in the game. However, there was no further point and the Lions went on defense 5-5. Due to a walk and an error, the first and third base were occupied and no out yet. Again, there seemed to be no way out for the Lions. But the defense had nerves of steel. Andy caught a hit straight out of the air and the runner on 1 was already too far away. Andy soon threw it to the first base and thus the game situation was changed. One runner on 3 and two outs. The next hit was also caught directly from the air and so at the end of the official game length it was 5:5. But in baseball there is no tie and so the Lions could play for the first time with the new speedup rule in overtime. The Lions managed to score two points with a hit, a walk and a sacfly. The half inning and the Lions led 7-5. With a walk, hit by pitch, sacfly and a hit, the Challengers managed to take the lead again and win the game. The final score Lions 7-8 Challengers.

Additional to the match report:

Hits Lions total 27

Multihitgame: Andy, Hanel, Kai, Mario, Markus, Michi, Nelson

Doubles: 5