Double victory in Embrach

It was a really nice Sunday for a baseball game. The Lions were guests of the Mustangs.

In the first game, the Lions started off a bit impatiently and so they went straight on the defensive. The defensive stood well showing that it was ready, while Rafi struggled to keep the Mustangs under control.

After two walks and an error from the catcher came the first run for the Mustangs. Another hit and the second was there.

In the second inning, the Lions were no better, too impatient. But Rafi has more control on the mound and so the Mustangs more under control. In the third inning, with a good Bunt from Marco and a huge blow from Kay, the first run came for the Lions and the second followed.

Rafi with a little effort and the Mustang made two runs already and the game went on until the 7th inning.

Marco woke up the Lions with a triple and Hanel came from shortstop to first base due to an error while Marco is walking home. Mario patiently comes onto the plate and walked to first base and Ramon equalizes. Mario and Benji scored with a hit from Carlos. The game was sealed with a sacrifice out, where Ramon scored the sixth run.

Three more outs. It was exciting again until the end. The Mustangs got two men on base, one scored and Hanel, with a sure catch, finished the game for the Lions.

In the second game, the Lions were awake and so it went straight to the point. Very patiently on the plate. The results spoke for themselves. Good contacts. Lions scored 4 runs in the first inning. Nelly very strong on the mound and a good defense from Hanel, the Mustangs could not do anything. The Lions were warm on the plate and so they made 3 more runs. The Mustangs couldn't do anything against Nelly in the second inning.

Hanel showed that he can play in the outfield. Nothing went past him and on top of that Hanel threw a strike to Marco at home to prevent a run.

The Lions hit one hit after the other, so that the game was 18 to 3 at the end.