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End of the season in the NLB

The last game of the season, the Lions are in Wil and compete against the Pirates. The Lions arrived with a little delay. Everything had to go a little faster than usual. Caution was required because the number of Lions players was kept to a minimum. The plan was to have 10 players on the field, 9 of them had arrived. Ramon was still to come. The Lions made the infield outfield drills highly motivated when Alejandro injured his knee. Exactly what shouldn't happen.

Derby Day against the Challengers

Instead of team training, a night game against the bottom of the table, Wil Pirates, was on the program on Thursday. Unfortunately, the Lions could not defend their 3-1 lead and ended up with 5:11 under the wheels. Optimal preparation for the important derby against the Zurich Challengers looks different. In addition, the Lions had to do without their lead-off James and their coach Rafi. At least the latter problem could be solved. Hanel gladly accepted the responsibility. Hanel's line-up was a surprise.

Double victory in Embrach

It was a really nice Sunday for a baseball game. The Lions were guests of the Mustangs. In the first game the Lions started a little impatiently on the offensive and so they went straight on to the defensive. The defensive stood well, showing that it was ready, while Rafi struggled to keep the Mustangs under control. After two walks and a miss from the catcher came the first run for the Mustangs. Another hit and the second was there. In the